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Friday, April 03, 2009 by: PBC

Dear visitors & contributors,

I’m stopping posting Indrajal Comics & ACK links publicly (only). We were at two hands distance to complete this 803 Comics series. Around 30 more were already scanned which were coming in various blogs. But a new problem has created by an avanturist who said himself “Peeyoush Mishra”. I think it’s fake name. As his short name P.M. , he is pretending to be his majesty the Prime Minister. It’s a limit of shamelessness, now people are openly started using current materials as their personal property. May be their parents forget to give some elementary human lessons or he’s sick since childhood.

These intensive posting were organized by our team, a lot of time & energy was given to collect this team to make you happier. I can’t make my team unhappy, they are really wonderful persons. I’m not going to stop, but majority can suffer.

You can say he is giving full credits to me & providing my original links. But this show is going on not only by me, there are many team members who are working hard. Many are sending scans me exclusively; even I requested to send particular comics to particular blogger. They wished to go with me (why, it is another question). Where are their interests? Whenever I posted a comics scanned by a blogger in my blogs, always asked about it before. If anyone’s material used in my blogs with permission and he would object later I would delete it. He’s without permission copying whole lot.

Information for those, who never participated in this process: Scanning, cleaning, uploading & posting 1 comics takes 2 hours minimum. I’m not talking about two most important parts searching & buying, it could be 1 day or several years. The shameless man “P.M.” is stealing and posting publicly in the same community our hours work in 2 sec. He says "thanks," although many bloggers & contributors are not interested in his self planned service.

We were taking the new blog as Ist April's joke, but see he decide to make a joke of all us including you. Two major (current) contributors Ajay & Venkit; many bloggers & visitors are already protested. I wrote him first privately, then publicly, no reactions on his crocodile skins.

One person is spoiling whole community. We, bloggers, contributors & old friends can share it privately with ourselves. So our protest is not for us, but for all visitors. We are against this bad example. I can invite 100 persons to download from a new private link blog, if your protest will be not effective.

The number of visits & download are sufficient information for me to guess the tendency. However, mostly of my friends (bloggers) like comments, through it measure pulse. My vote goes in favor of all friends, they feel they will not get proper feed back.

Now all in your hands, we can post as earlier if he would stop. My request to all friends including those who could be in invited list as they are checked persons (in worse case), to protest in his blog too. Some people choose such sick methods to be popular, but do not understand finally get not fame, but humiliation only.

I never asked anything before, if you have little respects for me, my team & my community, time to show your protests, not at my blog but at ........ (He blocked his comment section). You can save all friends interest. Hope at least he is not blind & deaf, can read & listen voice of majority.

Two more friends Bala ji (nick name Phantom And Mandrake Fan ) & Sameer are going to take similar steps. I think it just start.

With regards,


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