#166. Indrajal Comics 94

Saturday, April 18, 2009 by: PBC

Today we are completing our Indrajal Comics collection (English) of two heroes: Buz Sawyer & Aditya.

1. Buz Sawyer was a popular comic strip created by Roy Crane that ran from November 1, 1943 to 1989. The last strip signed by Crane was dated 21 April 1979. In June 2006, King Features' email service, DailyINK, began running Buz Sawyer dailies from the beginning.By 2009, this run had brought Buz into civilian life.

In India, total 11 Indrajal Comics were published featuring Buz Sawyer as main hero.
First appearance: 377 (1981)
Last appearance: V20N23 (1983)

2. Aditya appeared only thrice in Indrajal Comics. Rest 2 ( V24N28 & V24N41) are available in this blog HERE.

V20N14-1983-Buz Sawyer-The Dream Island

V20N14-1983-Buz Sawyer-Sapno Ka Tapu

V25N05-1988-Aditya-The Eye Witness

And following IJC for our contributor friends "Delboj & his team" who are fans of Rib Kirby.

V25N37-1988-Rip Kirby-The Cursed Emeralds

V25N37-1988-Rip Kirby-Nadi Ki Jawala

Hindi Indrajal Comics are contributed by Anurag Dixit & English by Ajay Misra.