#119. Indrajal Comics 64

Monday, February 16, 2009 by: PBC

Following both parts (#405 & #406) are partially available online. These were scanned by Ajay Misra. Ajay checked his hard disk & found scecond story of both parts.

#405 - Second story is scanned by Ajay Misra himself.
#406 - Second story is scanned by Prashant Gupta.



V21N33-1984-Phantom-Tryst with Destiny

It's reprint of IJC#25-1966-Around the Moon, which is available online.

It's reprint of IJC#9-1964-Thugs in Denkali /Luteron ka shadayantra which is available online in Hindi & English.

Thanks to Ajay Misra & Prashant Gupta for joint efforts.