#102.Indrajal Comics 52

Sunday, February 01, 2009 by: PBC

Some people are not only a fan & collector of Indrajal Comics, but know how to keep there priceless gems for years. Simply Great. It’s a photo of Shekhar Chandra’s IJC collection. He has almost all Indrajal comics.

One month ago while we were checking scans, Ajay found that he have IJC #58 (already available at net) without cover. The following cover is photo taken by Shekher’s father (who is 80+) by a digital camera.

Ajay added cover in his old scans, cleaned with shop & send me. I add last 2 more pages form Raj's Hindi scans. Enjoy.

Good news for Hindi IJC lovers, RAJ is back. 30th January, he posted Hindi version of #58. Visit his blog to encourage him.

058-1968-Phantom-The Phantom The Sixth Man
Col. Worobu's choice:

174-1973-Phantom-Romantic Witch (Complete)

For these comics all thanks & credits go to Ajay.

IJC #58: Very thankful to Raj for 2 more pages; and for cover & nice photo of IJC collection to Shekher & his father.