#097. Four Hindi and Six Indrajal Comics

Monday, January 12, 2009 by: PBC

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Hindi IJC #66 & #442, I found at esnips uploaded by Raj Vardhan Varma. He has started Hindi Indrajal Comics Blog. But since a long time he is not active. Hope he'll back. Don't forget to collect some more Hindi IJC from his blog.
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066-1968-Mandrake - Gurdiya Ka Bhed

The cover of #66 is provided by Anurag.


372-1981-Flash- The Ring of Fear

372-1981-Flash-Taquat ka Junun

442-1982-Phantom-The Haunt of the Ghost

442-1982-Phantom-Pret Ka Parivaar

V20N25-1983-Flash-Adventure on Venusport

V24N39-1987-Mandrake-Gunahon ki Lapten (Complete) (13.98 MB)

A hindi version was first posted at TCP blog. However, this one has all pages version. It's reprint of IJC #90 (1969) - The Mouse Trap, which is available in English online.

V26N01-1989-Mandrake-The Mysterious Couple Part I

V26N02-1989-Mandrake-The Mysterious Couple Part II

V26N03-1989-Mandrake-The Mysterious Couple Part III

These are scanned by:
Ajay Misra: #372 (12 missing pages), #442, #V20N25, #V26N01 & #V26N03

Anon: #372 (but 12 pages were missing or damaged) & #V26N02

Anurag Dixit: Cover of #66 & #372 (Hindi)

Raj Vardhan Varma: #66 (Hindi) & #442 (Hindi)

Vikram Singh: #V24N39 (Hindi)

With all thanks by active & passive visitors, my special thanks to all selfless contributors for helping each other, for gifting us these rare comics in better form & such quantity. You are STARS of this COMICS BLOG. Thanks guys.

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