#094.Phil Corrigan Special (Indrajal Comics 44)

Thursday, January 01, 2009 by: PBC

Ajnaabi & secret agent Phil Corrigan wish you a Very Happy New Year - "GANG". :)))

Ajnaabi says:

"A Happy New 2009 to u.

I had to fight against all odds for these Corrigans. Firstly I was sick for the last 3 days. My Windows crashed yesterday...... LOL

.... and finaly at last... i was able to keep my promise..... :)

Give my new year greetings to the gang... with those corrigans. :) "

Here is first post of 2009 - 9 Phil Corrigan Indrajal Comics.

New Links (2nd Jan 2009, 17.33): Not only Ajnaabi's, my window also crashed today...... Links deleleted....... Reinstalled Window.... Just reloaded links . JANTA JANARDAN Enjoy. All these efforts are only for you. :)))

V21N21-1984-Phil Corrigan-The Criminal Genius (NEW SCANS) (15.11 MB)

V21N36-1984-Phil Corrigan-Assasin of the Inner Circle (13.56 MB)

V22N07-1985-Phil Corrigan-The Electronic Devil (13.77 MB)

V22N15-1985-Phil Corrigan-The Ghastly Noose (13.21 MB)

V22N26-1985-Phil Corrigan-A Crime Empire (15.35 MB)

V23N04-1986-Phil Corrigan-The Greedy Traitors (15.75 MB)

V23N39-1986-Phil Corrigan-The Conspiring Crime Baron (NEW Scan) (15.97 MB)

V23N52-1986-Phil Corrigan-Mystery of the Moon Island (16.54 MB)

V24N13-1987-Phil Corrigan-Scandal from the Grave (17.17 MB)

These are Ajnaabi's contributions.