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Gowarsons comics introduced me one of my all time favorite character "Asterix". In near future these will be posted, if you like. 

These are Anurag's contributions. All Thanks & credits go to him.

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Few Hindi Indrajal Covers: 6, 202, 203, 218, 219, 221 & 223

V26N24-1989-Phantom-Maut ke munh mei

Except cover of IJC 6, rest covers & comic are Anurag's contributions. Cover of IJC 6 is provided by Ajay.
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Indrajal Comics covers played major role in their popularity. Here are few: #146, #148, #159, #164, #171, #175, #190, #201 & #303.

An interesting Flash Gordon adventure

Power & politics is very unpredictable; sometimes helping old enemy is better choice than an unpredictable new ruler. Why and how Flash Gordon helps Ming ……..


These are Anurag's contribution, all credits & thanks go to him only.
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Spider-Man first appeared in the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962). The series was cancelled with that issue, but response to the character was so positive that a solo title, The Amazing Spider-Man, was launched with a March 1963 cover-date.

The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist and co-plotter Steve Ditko, and the pair produced 38 issues from 1963 to 1966. Since then, many writers and artists have taken over the monthly comic through the years, chronicling the adventures of Marvel's most identifiable hero.

The Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel, all 1963)

Index.pdf (103.33 KB)

Issue 1 March 1963

Issue 2 May 1963

Issue 3 July 1963

Issue 4 September 1963

Issue 5 October 1963

Issue 6 November 1963

Issue 7 Nov [Dec] 1963

These are Dr. Krishna's contributions.

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