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Moonstone's "The Phantom Annual"- Five Days Of Dragon -January 2007

The Phantom Annual 01 (35.61 MB)

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Flash Gordon is the hero of a science fiction comic strip originally drawn by Alex Raymond, which was first published on January 7, 1934. He is one my favorite hero of Indrajal Comics (1964-1990) along with Phantom & Mandrake. Recommend reading who never read Indrajal's Flash Gordon, especially period 1972-1989. In 1968, Flash Gordon appeared in IJC first time & last time in 1989. There are total 56 Indrajal comics featuring him as Main hero.

Flash Gordon comics were published by various publications. Here are few comics published by Harvey Comics, Gold Key Comics, King Comics, Charlton Comics, Midtown Comics, DC, Whitman Comics etc.

Flash Gordon 01 Harvey (Download HERE)
Flash Gordon 02 Harvey (Download HERE)

Flash Gordon 03 (1951) Harvey (28.72 MB)
Flash Gordon 04 (1951) Harvey (27.87 MB)
Flash Gordon 01-The Eyes Of Opto GK(8.95 MB)
Flash Gordon 01 (1966) King (48.08 MB)
Flash Gordon 02 King (22.64 MB)

Flash Gordon 03 (1967) King (29.11 MB)
Flash Gordon 04 (1967) King (10.75 MB)
Flash Gordon 05 (1967) King (26.48 MB)
Flash Gordon 06 (1967) King (Download here)
Flash Gordon 07 (1967) King (11.37 MB)
Flash Gordon 08 (1967) King (30.31 MB)

Flash Gordon 11 (1967) King (28.59 MB)
Flash Gordon 12 Charlton (18.15 MB)
Flash Gordon 13 Charlton (18.67 MB)
Flash Gordon 14 Charlton (21.67 MB)
Flash Gordon 15 Charlton (19.3 MB)

Flash Gordon 16 Charlton (17.73 MB)
Flash Gordon 17 Charlton (18.64 MB)
Flash Gordon 18 Charlton (30.41MB)
Flash Gordon 19 GK (5.61 MB)
Flash Gordon 20 GK (5.98 MB)

Flash Gordon 21 Whitman (6.17 MB)
Flash Gordon 22 GK (9.49 MB)
Flash Gordon 24 GK (5.55 MB)
Flash Gordon 27 Whitman (5.78 MB)

FlashGordon-01 of 09 (1988) DC (10.76 MB)
FlashGordon-02 of 09 (1988) DC (9.94 MB)
FlashGordon-03 of 09 (1988) DC (15.38 MB)
FlashGordon-04 of 09 (1988) DC (15.37 MB)
FlashGordon-05 of 09 (1988) DC (15.52 MB)

FlashGordon-06 of 09 (1988) DC (10.13 MB)
FlashGordon-07 of 09 (1988) DC (8.33 MB)
FlashGordon-08 of 09 (1988) DC (8.96 MB)
FlashGordon-09 of 09 (1988) DC (7.98 MB)

Flash Gordon 1 of 2 (1995) Marvel (16.91MB)
Flash Gordon 2 of 2 (1995) Marvel (15.28MB)
Flash Gordon-000 (2008) Midtown Comics (9.12 MB)
Flash Gordon (comic strip) (1934-1947)

Download (Total 26 esnips links)
Only these non IJC comics and strips, I was able to collect till today. 
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This story was reprinted by Indrajal Comics as Vol 21-N19 & Vol 21-20 in 1984. English version (Samaris) you already read.

013-1965-Phantom-Jadugarani Ka Shap


All Thanks and credits go to Anurag.

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A very nice comic in Hindi which english original (The Phantom's Treasure) & reprinted English Version (Vol.21N29 - 1984 - The Ancient Cave of Splendor Part I & Vol.21N30 - 1984 -The Ancient Cave of Splendor Part II) you already enjoyed.

011-1965-Vetal(Phantom)-Vetal ka khzana


All thanks and credits go to Anurag.

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A Hindi Indrajal comics which English version and reprint hindi version (V24N08-1987-NarBhakshi Devta) you already enjoyed. This issue contains 28 pages.

Original is always original.......

007-1964-Vetal(Phantom)-Narbhakshi Vriksa


Anurag provided it with links. All thanks & credits go to him.

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An interesting Flash Gordon's adventure published by Indrajal Comics.

354-1980-Flash-Juarion Ka Jal


All thanks and credits go to Anurag only.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008 by PBC

Another Indrajal comics. I can say this was not available before in any blog, scanned earlier don't know. But these are new scans by Anurag.

Anurag deserves all credits and thanks for comics.

208-1974-Phantom-The Cruel Contessa
Saturday, July 12, 2008 by PBC
Update (14th July 2008): Today Ajay Misra sent his scans of the English version. This time all friends can enjoy. I surprised to find out that it was scanned on 11.07.2005. We waited so long. But better now than never. Isn't it?

Ajay thanks!
Another missing Indrajal for Hindi readers. As usual Anurag Dixit is working hard for you. I requested him to scan first those IJC which were never scanned before in any language. He not only scanned and uploaded it personally.

293-1978-Phantom-Nafrat Ke Shole


293-1978-Phantom- The Taste Of Poison

All thanks and credits for Hindi IJC go to "Anurag" and for English "Ajay" only.
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Update (14th July 2008): Chatur Cheeta contributed front and back pages of 896 & 897. Check the new links of these files.
Frew Publications (1948-present) is a comic Publication company that is the original and current license holder for Phantom Comics in Australia. It is presenting the longest running series of Phantom comics in the world (over 1500 issues).
Many many thanks to "Chatur Cheeta" for providing links of 12 comics (0763, 0896, 1058, 1081, 1103, 1104, 1105, 1106, 1107, 1109, 1110 & 1217).

Here are 47 comics (available till today).

0002-1948-In the Tiger's Lair (11.59 MB)

0003-1948-Smashing the Crime Ring (11.39 MB)

0005-1948-The Phantom's Treasure Stolen (11.01 MB)

0013-1949-The Phantom's Dilemma (8.5 MB)

0707-1980-The Scorpia Part 2 (20.57 MB)

0763-1983-The Tiger from Rangoon (13.13 MB)

0814-1984-Joonkar and the Slavers (11.57 MB)

0883-1987-The Avenger (6.46 MB)

0896-1988-The Unknown Commander Part 1 (19 MB) New link with cover

0897-1988-The Unknown Commander Part 2 (16.52 MB) New link with cover

0949-1990-The Secret of the Ark (12.55MB)

0958A-1990-1.The Ghost Pilot, 2.The Marionettes, 3. The Secret of the Valley of Wamballa (24.41MB)

0965-1990- Deadly Cargo (14.03 MB)

0974-1991-The Hostages (3.95 MB)

1025-1992-Curse of the Granite God Part 2 (12.89 MB)

1037-1993-The Knight of La Mancha (11.32 MB)

1048-1993-The Ghost on Flight 302 (18.57 MB)

1051-1993-The First Phantom (91.6 MB)

1058-1993-The Ghost (20.51 MB)

1063-1994-The Crybaby (4.36 MB)

1080-1994- Election In Bengali Part 2 (33.58 MB)

1081-1994-The Isle of Death (50.56 MB)

1103-1995-The Ghost of HMS Atropos
(20.6 MB)

1104-1995-The Murder Rap (17.76 MB)

1105-1995-The Count of Bengali
(31.19 MB)

1106-1995-Gooroo's Jungle Muggers (20.87 MB)

1107-1995-The Bird Man of Bengali (18.83 MB)

1109-1995-The Mummy's Curse (24.58 MB)

1110-1995-Thief on Board (The Parrot) (18.42 MB)

1114-1995-Assignment in Riga (15.46 MB)

1116-1995-The Crown Prince Mystery (19.75 MB)

1118-1995-Duel on Destiny Top Part 1(19.77 MB)

1119-1995-Duel on Destiny Top Part 2 (19.48 MB)

1122-1995-Revenge of the Pirate Queen (21.35 MB)

1157-1997-Curse of the Singh Brotherhood (14.01 MB)

1186-1997-The Mystery of Crocco Island (13.47 MB)

1202-1998-Worubu's Secret
(11.84 MB)

1211-1998-The Ring of Death Part 1 (18.28 MB)

1212-1998-The Ring of Death Part 2
(41.47 MB)

1217-1998-The Horns of Jericho
(14.63 MB)

1218-1999-The Last Phantom Part 1: The Eighth Circle (11.46 MB)

1226-1999-The Horned Star Demons (67.83 MB)

1356-2003-The Forest Giants (14.66 MB)

1371-2004-Secret of the Skulls Part 3 (13.28 MB)

1394-2004-Phantom Year One: Johnny Hotwire (13.66 MB)

1395-2004-Phantom Year One: Johnny Hotwire Rides Again (15.04 MB)
1407-2005-Phantom Year One: Gullique and the Double Rainbow (12.37 MB)
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