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    Epic Illustrated was a comics-magazine anthology published in the United States by Marvel Comics. The series lasted for 34 issues, from Spring 1980 to February 1986. Similar to the US-licensed graphic-story magazine Heavy Metal, it featured mature content oriented at an older audience than traditional American comic books, as well as offering its writers and artists ownership rights and royalties in place of the industry-standard work for hire contracts. A color comic-book imprint, Epic Comics, was spun off in 1982.

    The magazine was initiated under editor Rick Marschall in 1979 under the title Odyssey, and originally set to launch as an issue of Marvel Super Special, Marvel's early graphic novel line. After Marschall learned of at least seven other magazines titled Odyssey, the project was renamed Epic Illustrated and launched as a standalone series. Marschall was replaced by editor Archie Goodwin in the autumn of 1979, several months before the first issue was published.

    In addition to the work of such established mainstream-comics talents as John Buscema and Jim Starlin, and such independent-press creators as Wendy Pini, Goodwin commissioned stories by many new cartoonists, including Steve Bissette, Jon J. Muth, Rick Veitch and Kent Williams. The anthology featured heroic fiction and genre stories, primarily fantasy and science fiction, but in a broad range of styles.

    Epic Illustrated also included an occasional Marvel Comics protagonist, such as the first issue's Silver Surfer. Because the magazine was not subject to traditional comic books' Comics Code Authority, however, writers and artists were free to create material stories that might be risqué or non-canon.

    Each issue usually featured a main story, a number of regular serials, and anthological shorts.


Epic Illustrated 01

Epic Illustrated 02

Epic Illustrated 03

Epic Illustrated 04

Epic Illustrated 05


Epic Illustrated 06

Epic Illustrated 07

Epic Illustrated 08

Epic Illustrated 09

Epic Illustrated 10


Epic Illustrated 11

Epic Illustrated 12

Epic Illustrated 13

Epic Illustrated 14

Epic Illustrated 15


Epic Illustrated 16

Epic Illustrated 17

Epic Illustrated 18

Epic Illustrated 19

Epic Illustrated 20


Epic Illustrated 21

Epic Illustrated 22

Epic Illustrated 23

Epic Illustrated 24 

Epic Illustrated 25


Epic Illustrated 26

Epic Illustrated 27

Epic Illustrated 28

Epic Illustrated 29

Epic Illustrated 30


Epic Illustrated 31

Epic Illustrated 32

Epic Illustrated 33

Epic Illustrated 34

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Classics Illustrated was re-launched in 1990 in graphic novel/book form by the Berkley Publishing Group and First Publishing, Inc. featuring all-new adaptations by such top graphic novelists as Rick Geary, Bill Sienkiewicz, Kyle Baker, Gahan Wilson, and others. Total 27 comics were published (1990-1991).

1. The Raven & other Poems

2. Great Expectations

3. Through The Looking Glass

4. Moby Dick

5. Hamlet

6. The Scarlet Letter

7. The Count Of Monte Cristo

8. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

9. Adventures of Tom Sawyer

10. The Call of the Wild

11. Rip Van Winkle

12. The Island Of Dr. Moreau

13. Wuthering Heights

14. Fall Of the House of Usher

15. The Gift Of the Magi

16. A Christmas Carol

17.Treasure Island

18. The Devil's Dictionary

19.The Secret Agent

20. The Invisible Man

21. Cyrano de Bergerac

22. The Jungle Books

23. Robinson Crusoe

24. Rime of the Ancient Mariner

25. Ivanhoe

26. Aesop's Fables

27. The Jungle
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