#082.Indrajal Comics 36

Sunday, November 30, 2008 by: PBC

A version of these two English Phantom IJC were already posted in this blog. These are new contributions by Anonymous.

160-1972-Phantom-The Skull Cave This one is new & better version.

168-1972-Phantom-Where is Diana (Full) This is a complete (all pages) version.

A rare IJC in Hindi.

In fact these all are rare, but this one is very special for me. I never read this one before. After a long search, few days ago found in Hindi only. Many many thanks to Anurag Dixit.

This Indrajal Comics is already available online. It's for those friends who missed this better version scanned by AJNAABI. In May 2008, I posted many Ajnaabi's scans. Few days ago he pointed me, I missed it.

All thanks & credits go all three contributors:
Anonymous, Anurag Dixit & Ajnaabi.