#078.Indrajal Comics 32

Thursday, November 13, 2008 by: PBC

Dear Divish,
LookOutsideIt's SoPleasant !SunSmilingForYou !TreesDancingForYou!BirdsSingingForYou !Because,I told themAll To Wish You..

Ajay's son Divish Misra is going to be 6 years on 15th November.
Mostly AJAY's scans either Divish or Parishi (his daughter) sends me, he just opens his mail, rest work they do.
Studying in class 1st, DAV , Dayanand Vihar, Delhi.
Hobby - Just playing and sending me comics by email, very good spoken English, knows computer very well.
He loves Phantom very much because of his Guns. Likes very much FREW specials or Annuals which are very special in their cover / thickness etc.

Note: All Indrajal Comics had moved to indrajal-online.blogspot.com
Who came in late, can collect from there.

Hindi version is already posted in blog. It was reprinted as "V24N51-1987-Phantom-Return of the Dead Genuises" which is already available online.

184-1973-Phantom-The Brain Seller

It's an Ajay's contributor:

This is a new & complete version.

262-1976-Phantom-Merchants of Death Part 1(new)
It's an Anonymous contribution.

This is a new version.
263-1976-Phantom-Merchants of Death Part 2 (new)

It's an Ajay's contribution.

V20N15-1983-Mike Nomad-Splinters of Rage

It's an Anonymous contribution.

Some more coming attractions:

* by Anonymous

* by Ajay