#071.Indrajal Comics 27

Saturday, October 18, 2008 by: PBC

Friends, as these are already scanned, posting at once. Initially planned to post all till month end.

These are scanned & contributed by an anonymous selfless Indrajal's Fan. Front cover of Indrajal Comics # 434, V20N22 &V20N31 were missing, Ajay provided.

364-1980-Bahadur-The Web of Hatred

384-1981-Flash-The Flames of Vengeance Hindi version is already available in this blog.

V20N31-1983-Lt.Drake-Trials of a Princess

V21N17-1984-Lt.Drake-The Conspiring Ogre

V24N50-1987-Mandrake-The Stalking Executioner It's reprint of #216 (1974) - Test of a Magician, which is already available.

Following are partially available online. Contributor scanned the missing second story and added it to what was already there.

V26N21-1989-Mandrake-The Dreaded Island Part I (full)

V26N22-1989-Mandrake-The Dreaded Island Part II (full)

Next Post: 162-1972-Phantom-Jwalamukhi ki Rani/The Diamond Mountain

Good new: AJAY MISRA in mood to contribute all missing Indrajal Comics under #300 as soon as possible, at least in any one language (Hindi or English) through this blog. I will try to post quickly.

So friends, Rainy season of Indrajal continues, till month end all these followings Indrajal are coming, may be not in order only. Are you happy?

184-1973-Phantom-Jinda Murde

245-1976-Phantom-Ashaay Gajraj
269-1977-Phantom-Daitya Se Samna
295-1978-Phantom-Mrutunjay (NEW SCAN)