#025.Two English and one Hindi Indrajal Comics

Monday, June 16, 2008 by: PBC

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This post is dedicated to our future contributors “Srikanth” & “Anurag”.

Srikanth is going to provide the missing “Classic Illustrated Junior Comics # 515 Johnny Appleseed” &……...
Since a long time Hindi comics’ lover demanded for Hindi Indrajal Comics. Good news for you “ANURAG” is going to provide many more.

Many many thanks to both friends.
Hindi IJC covers:25 (1966), 55 (1967), 80(1969) & 98(1969)

246-1976-Mandrake-The Incredible Thief, The Alien World
V21N40-1984-Lt.Drake-The Fist of Fate

Hindi Indrajal Comics

068-1968- Mandrake - Antriksh ka danav

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Hindi IJC covers:25 (1966), 55 (1967), 80(1969) & 98(1969)

All thanks and credits for:

1. english IJC 246-1976-Mandrake go to Ajay.

2. english IJC V21N40-1984-Lt.Drake go to Prashant.

3. covers and Hindi IJC go to ANURAG only.