#099.Indrajal Comics 49

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 by: PBC

All following Indrajal Comics have 32 pages.

216-1974-Mandrake-Jadugar Ki Pariksha ( English versions "216-1974-Test of a Magician" & reprinted english version "V24N50- 1987-The Stalking Executioner" are available on-line.)

226-1975-Mandrake-Bhayankar Jalchar (English version available online.)

V23N17-1986-Phantom-The Third Phantom's Bride Part I

V23N18-1986-Phantom-The Third Phantom's Bride Part II

V23N29-1986-Mandrake-The Killer Breed Part I

V23N30-1986-Mandrake-The Killer Breed Part II

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These are Ajay's scans. All thanks & credits go to him.