#016.Indrajal Comics 5

Saturday, May 24, 2008 by: PBC

Update (30 th May 2009): Links of complete comics (V25N47, V25N48, V25N49, V262N5) added.

Some missing covers of Indrajal Comics

Some more IJCs:

282-1977-Flash-The Savages OF Arboria

308-1978-Flash-The Doomed Planet

V20N16-1983-Flash-The Trauma of Fear

V20N26-1983-Mike Nomad-Satan Commands

V25N47-1988-Phantom- The Legend Of The Flying Horse Part1 (Only Phantom story)

V25N48-1988-Phantom- The Legend Of The Flying Horse PartII (Only Phantom story)

V25N49-1988-Phantom- The Legend Of The Flying Horse PartIII (Only Phantom story)

or Download all 3 parts (complete version) from this post

V26N25-1989-Phantom-The Chivalrous Protector (complete)

As I guess these are Ajay’s scan, if these are any other, pls don’t mind. Please come forward. All thanks and credits go to ALL contributers.